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Do you believe starvation will be eradicated in all of Africa by 2020?

When we began Jesus Food, we wanted to bring Christ to the center of our packaging and distribution rather than just function as a generic aid organization.  Right away we were told by the founder of one of the largest food programs in America that Jesus Food would never work, that there was no way we could succeed with a name like that.  Interestingly – the very person who told us this was the one that eventually helped us to start it.

As we would package and ship we began to hit all the same roadblocks every other feeding program hits.

  • Problems getting the food to the destination.
  • Shipping costs.
  • Never ending customs paperwork.
  • Shipments stuck sitting on docks for months.

One day as we were praying about this frustration the Lord said why don’t you package on site in the countries you want to help?  Thinking it over it became so simple and obvious.  Rather than paying the cost of all those logistical and bureaucratic battles, we could be investing that time, effort, and money directly where it was needed.  God continued to clarify this, showing us how, that by purchasing food and supplies locally, as well as training the people there in packing and distribution, we would be blessing the local economies as well as building business relationships and giving the local body of Christ powerful tools to help spread the gospel.

We immediately began to put together the necessary supplies and did our first in country food pack in Tanzania. The people were so encouraged to be a part of this; some of the vendors we purchased food from even gave a discount because of how we were using it.  In stark contrast to our distribution frustrations of the past, we were seeing Jesus shared and food given on the same day it was packed.

And it was while I was there on that trip that God showed me His vision for Jesus Food and for all of Africa.  On June 19th and 20th, 2017, God woke me in the night and said, “do you want to know my vision for Africa?” I was startled and hesitated. But then I said yes.  Then God said,

“My vision is to eradicate starvation in all of Africa by 2020.”

God said,

 “my vision, your project – a Jesus Food project – Love your neighbor – Africans feeding Africans – My Church, not, ‘the church’, but MY Church, MY people will answer the call and eradicate starvation in all of Africa by 2020.”

Then He told me to get out my map of Africa. I unrolled it and taped it to the wall.  He said,

 “Write the vision on the map.”

The second night, the 20th of June, again I was awakened and I asked, “why Jesus Food?”

The Lord said,

“If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to Myself.”

Why did you say love your neighbor?

He said,

  “It’s the second greatest commandment. The first greatest command is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul, and then to love your neighbor as yourself.
  My love is what will compel my people to do this. True neighbors won’t let neighbors starve to death. Africans feeding their neighbors in Jesus name. My Church will answer the call. Those who are the church in name only will just think it is a good idea, but by the end of 2020, I will be eradicating starvation in all of Africa, and the rest of the world soon after. By doing this, we will accomplish two goals: ending starvation, and saving the poorest of the poor in Jesus’ name.”

And then God showed me something I had never thought about.  He said,

“The difference between hunger and starvation is that hunger is something I created to motivate people.  Starvation is something the devil is using to kill people.  Fulfilling this vision is part of my end-times harvest.”

Since receiving this vision I have been sharing it with others and continuing to seek God for his guidance in fulfilling it.  If God is moving you to be a part of this or for more information, please contact us at Vision for 20/20: www.Jesus

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