The Prayer Company

Wholesale Anointing Oil, Tracts & Booklets
I, Dick Hochreiter thank and Love this Team.

We at THE PRAYER COMPANY believe that our business needs a covering to keep us accountable, first to God, then to man. So this team of advisors has been put together to help us keep our eyes on God’s plan. Our business is to make the best anointing oil for the best price and to bring God’s love and presence through prayer to the world. We are all working together to bring God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

God Bless, Dick Hochreiter

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Advisory Team

Marc and Brenda Stamper
Pastors of Freedom in Christ Church
Beaumont, CA
Larry and Rose Ihle
Marketplace Ministry
Graham Powers
Global Day of Prayer
South Africa
Steve and Liz Braun
Pastors of Four Square Church
Banning, CA
Dwayne and Sue Kawell
Maketplace Ministry Leader
Mike and Marabel Aaron
Declaring His Glory Ministries
Beaumont, CA
Evan and Rhoda Brue
Marketplace Ministry Leader
Pastor Scott Wright
My Daily Dose
Yucaipa, CA
Pastor Chris Fraley
Wildwood Calvary Chapel
Yucaipa, CA