Eradicating Starvation in Africa 2020 Report

Jesus Food Mission Possible by Dick Hochreiter

  The population of Africa is approximately 1 billion 216 million.  The Bible tells us very plainly that the truth will set us free.  Back in 2017 when I received the vision of eradicating starvation in Africa it seemed like an impossible task.

  In the vision the Lord made it very clear that starvation will be eradicated by 2020 and I thought that would be impossible.  When I first looked into what was being said about how many people were dying daily from starvation it certainly seemed like an impossible task.   But as they were saying 12 people were dying every minute from starvation related illness, I prayed and asked the Lord for wisdom and faith to believe it was possible.   I started to have breakthrough revelation.   We believed, and tested, that Jesus Food could package enough food in four hours a day to feed every starving person in Africa.

  Remember I said the truth can set you free? The last day of 2019 the Lord prompted me to do a fact check the world health organization on starvation in Africa.  That fact check revealed that there was actually only one, not twelve, persons dying each minute from starvation related illnesses – mainly children under five years old.  It turned out that the numbers I had relied upon, the most commonly published and referenced, had been greatly exaggerated.

  If one person dies every minute of a day, that is 1440 deaths.

  The fact check said that a high percentage of the deaths are due to the low nutritional content of available food – not a lack of food.  Another part of understanding the truth is that there is a difference between hunger and starvation.  I believe the Lord revealed this to me, that hunger is something He created to motivate people, but starvation is something that the devil is using to kill people.

  As I have personally traveled in Africa, I’ve seen many hungry people, but no starving people. There are many organizations working to eradicate starvation and hunger in Africa, praise the Lord!

  Divide Africa’s population of 1.2 billion by its 55 countries and it would give you roughly 22 million per nation.  If you would take the 1,440 people that die daily from starvation related illnesses – mainly because of a lack of nutrition – you would find that it’s roughly 26 people per 22 million, or 26 people per nation.   Looking at that tiny percentage, I believe it can be said starvation in Africa has been eradicated or so greatly reduced it’s very hard to find in 2020 thank you Jesus.

  Our 2020 vision for Jesus Food is to continue to package food in America and overseas but to put more emphasis on packaging vitamins to supplement the food they already have locally. If this speaks to you please continue to pray and to help us supply vitamins to as many children in Africa as possible. We have just landed vitamins for 288,000 meals in Tanzania and will be packaging and distributing vitamins and meals as the Lord guides us. Please be praying. 

  And of course we will continue to put the gospel on every package of Jesus Food that goes out, so they can get the real spiritual food they need.

  I hope this is an encouragement to all.   We at Jesus Food will continue to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading in our desire to fulfill the great commission and usher in the return of Jesus. 

God bless,

Brother Dick Hochreiter

The Story of Vision 2020