Peace of Jerusalem Anointing Oil

The Peace of Jerusalem is the frankincense and myrrh fragrance that we’ve all
learned to love. After many years of prayer the Lord has opened the door for us to
partner with our brother and sisters from the Holy land to bring this beautiful
fragrance to you. We hope this is a blessing and we thank God for the privilege
of being able to work with the whole family of God.
One of the purposes of this oil is to remind you to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem,
Psalm 122:6. Another is to release the presence of the true peace maker over
the nations and to bring Love, truth and healing to the people of our lands, in the
powerful name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior the Prince of Peace.

The mission of the Prayer Company is to help people to pray for life in Christ, for a
hurting and dying world and to help Ministries and Global Partners to further The
Kingdom of God thank you for working with us.