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Get out and give

Originally added 4/05/09

A few weeks ago I was whining wondering if I should go back to work because finances seemed to be getting tight.  The Lord said to me, “I’ve given you a job. You need to go do it.”  He led me to write a brochure called “God’s Real Bailout.”  He said to me, “Start taking these tracts to businesses to tell them your story about how I bailed you out in time of trouble. I’ve made you for this time in history.”

A number of years ago, when I had slow times of work at my business, I would walk to a nearby liquor store thinking, “Hey, I’m going to seek first the kingdom and see who needs prayer.”  Whenever I would go to bring the kingdom of God to the people standing outside the store, within a short time my lead manager would come out and say, “Dick we have business.  You need to order some supplies.”  This happened numerous times.  The enemy may have been holding up the work or God may have been blessing me for advancing His kingdom. Maybe both.  Either way, we got work whenever I chose to seek first the kingdom of God.

Recently I met with a couple of pastors in town (Pastor Steve and Pastor Mark) and told them this story.  I asked them to encourage people unemployed in their congregations to come out with us to pray for businesses. They blessed the idea, got the word out, and their people have started to come.  We’ve been going out with about 10 people once or twice a week.

We’ve visited four cities so far and have prayed for hundreds of people.  We listen to the Lord and do prophetic acts as the Holy Spirit leads us (see my booklet How to Bring the Super to the Natural for more on prophetic acts).  The Lord showed us to pray over an area, anoint it with oil, and then visit businesses.  To cover more ground, we’ve started to anoint the tires of our cars!

As we seek God first, connecting with His heart for the world, and then build relationships in these businesses, we’re seeing the kingdom of God advance.  Businesses have been very receptive.  The first time we visit a business is like plowing up the dirt.  When we return to a business a second time, we’re welcomed and they’re encouraged to see us.  The soil is ready and the seed goes in much easier.  We’re connecting with the people and have heard many testimonies of what happens after we pray for them.

Now other churches in the area are joining.  One church with 30 percent of their members employed have now asked us to go out with them in their city.  People are seeing the value of redeeming the time instead of sitting depressed on the couch because they can’t find work.  They’re working for God praying for and blessing people.  As we’ve gone out, those unemployed have suddenly received calls to go to work (just like my business suddenly increased when I went to pray for the people who gathered in front of the liquor store).  Recently while in the middle of a prayer for a business, one of the guys received a call on his cell phone.  He took the call and came back to report, “I just got a job and I have to leave right now!”

God took me off my couch of complaining and others are getting off their couches to get out and encourage others.  When people get out and give to the Lord, Matthew 6:33 is in effect and yields great results, for the individual and for the city!  The city is reached when we get out and reach people where they work.